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Uranian Forum 1975

Uranian Forum 1975
4 Editons, together 136 pages of Uranian Astrology, 15 euros,
published by Ludwig Rudolph (Witte-Verlag). Editor Udo Rudolph

URANIAN FORUM (Witte-Verlag) was a quarterly information during the year 1975 about Astrology of the Hamburg-School (Uranian System) for the purpose of increasing astrological knowledge in conformity with Alfred WITTE and in order to become thoroughly acquainted with his system.

10 years later the URANIAN FORUM was reborn as a periodical in the USA. Published 1985-1992 by Penelope Publiscations, Florida, supported by Udo Rudolph and other Astrologers from Hamburg/Germany.

Contents Nr. 1/1975

  • Udo Rudolph: Preface
  • Ludwig Rudolph: Alfred WITTE and the Hamburg School
  • Udo Rudolph: Investigation of the US-President Gerald Ford's Earth-Axis
  • Marg. Wohlwill: William Shakespeare and his Scholar
  • Pol-Areey: The Demon Axis in the birth Chart Colonel Prayool of Field Marshal D.Kitikachorn
  • Herm. Sporner: 1975 - A Critical Year (Annual Horoscope)
  • Kurt Kaden: The Great Experiment: USA-UdSSR (The Soyus-Apollo-coupling Monoevre Engineer)
  • Udo Rudolph: Appeal for Cooperation in Medical Astrology
  • David P.Rothrock: Counting the Days
  • Udo Rudolph: Astrological Conference in Bangkok 1975

Contents Nr. 2/1975

  • Kurt Kaden: The Importance of Start Horoscopes for Space-Travel
  • Udo Rudolph: Apollo-Soyuz Test Project
  • M. Wohlwill: William Shakespeare in his Epoch (Continuation)
  • D. P. Rothrock: Solar-Arc of Direction - Beyond 90 Years
  • Udo Rudolph: Report of the Astrological Conference in Bangkok from 2.-4.May
  • Molecular Biology
  • Udo Rudolph: The Annual Horoscope
  • H.Schlaghecke: Symmetry of the Suns of 7 Brothers and Sisters

Contents Nr. 3/1975

  • Ludwig Rudolph, an Astrological Pioneer
  • D.P.Rothrock: Constitution Chart of the United States of Amerika
  • Carl Perch: The sensitive points and how to apply them.
  • Carl Perch: Which connection have birth and death?
  • Nicholas E.Bader: The Horoscope of the San Francisco Earthquake of April 18, 1906. The Eruption of Mount Vesuvius of April 6, 1906, and the Horoscope of the Solar-Eclipse
    of February 23, 1906.

Contents Nr. 4/1975

  • Udo Rudolph: Report about the 6th Weekend-Convention of the Astrologische Studiengesellschaft (Hamburger Schule)
  • Carl Perch: Man, a Receiving Station of Universal Energies also with Reference to Birth and Death.
  • Herm.Sporner: Annual Horoscope for 1976.
  • Nic. Bader: The Treaties of Locarno (1926) and the Helsinki-Agreement of Aug. 1, 1975
  • Herb. Pauels: Important Principles of the Hamburg School.
  • Dilok V.Panich: The Solar Arc Calculator