Witte-Lefeldt - Rules for Planetary Pictures

Ludwig Rudolph & Hermann Lefeldt:
Witte-Lefeldt - Rules for Planetary Pictures

Penelope Publications, Florida, USA, 1999
ISBN 1-889619-01-9
Softcover, 422 pages, USD 29,95 plus shipping
Available at Uranian Astrologer (PENELOPE PUBLICATIONS, USA)

Europe: approx. 39,95 € via Michael Feist (Witte-Verlag)

The “Rules for Planetary Pictures” is the main text for interpretations combining the meanings of one, two or three astrological factors (intersection points, Planets and hypothetical Transneptunians).

The first three German Editions of the Rulesbook (1928, 1932, 1935) were published with Alfred Wittes’s four Transneptunians Cupido, Hades, Zeus and Kronos, but without Pluto and without the additional four Transneptunians by Friedrich Sieggrun (Apollon, Admetos, Vulcanus, Poseidon). Also Richard Svehla’s first English Translation didn’t include these factors (1939).

The method we know as “Hamburg School” or “Uranian System of Astrology” today is marked by the 1946 decision of Ludwig Rudolph to integrate the Transneptunian planets of his astrological teacher Sieggruen, and Pluto, into the Rulesbook (4th Edition 1946-1950). Ludwig Rudolph assigned this task to his former student Hermann Lefeldt. All combinations of two or three factors including Pluto, Apollon, Admetos, Vulcanus, or Poseidon based upon the work of Hermann Lefeldt. Ludwig Rudolph pointed out that Sieggrun himself did not contribute a single line to the Rulesbook.

The English Edition of the Rulesbook today, based on the 5th German Edition, which was translated for Ludwig Rudolph (Witte-Verlag Publishing) by Curt Knupfer in the early 1970ies (Witte-Verlag Hamburg, 1974, ISBN 3-920807-00-6, US Distr. Poseidon Books, Franksvill Wis.).

Penelope Publications, Florida, USA, got a re-publishing license for the English Rulesbook by Udo Rudolph. Penelope Publications published in 1999 the new reprint (Softcover, 422 pages, ISBN 1-889619-01-9).

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